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One of the things I remember from my college volleyball days is that I was hungry all the time. I was constantly snacking, eating 4, 6, or 7 times a day and relaying on caffeine and sugar highs to make it through long days of practice, classes and games.
The Equilibrium Diet is life-changing for serious athletes and offers numerous immediate and long-term benefits.

1. Fewer meals/snacks are desired and hence less of the body’s energy is spent on digestion and preparing digestive juices and enzymes. This means fewer resources (including time) spent preparing and eating foods.

2. The food that is consumed is used efficiently

3. Overall inflammation in the body immediately declines and continues to drop when you eliminate sugar, processed foods, unsprouted wheat and pasturized dairy. This means less joint pain/arthritis, sinus problems/asthma, and bursitis/tendonitis.

4. Because of the reduced burden on the liver (avoiding proteins past 2pm) your body regenerates itself more quickly than you could ever imagine! This means less soreness, fatigue, faster healing times after injury and fewer injuries as muscles and tendons are replaced with higher quality cells becoming stronger and more flexible.

5. More energy and stable blood sugar mean you don’t have to rely on sugar and caffeine to get you anywhere.

Some athletes have already “gone Paleo” and that’s a great first step but the #1 complaint I hear from Paleo participants is “I always feel hungry and never feel satisfied.” Yep, that’s because you are eating your proteins at dinner, the body isn’t digesting them efficiently and is calling out for additional nutrients. The #1 comment of people switching to The Equilibrium Diet is “It’s time to eat again, I’m still full/content from breakfast/lunch.”

Even extreme athletes will probably only need to add an additional snack/meal to the three embedded in the Equilibrium Diet. They should focus more on making breakfast and lunch two high quality protein meals and then having a carb-fest for dinner and snacking on fresh fruit if needed.

Note: Athletes have special mineral (electrolyte) needs. Instead of drinking Gatorade or another sports drink filled with sugar and preservatives, coconut water and/or raw goats’ milk with blackstrap molasses is a great electrolyte replacer.

Anyone sweating even in moderate levels should start each day with a glass of filtered water mixed with 1-2 tsp of sea salt to ensure sodium in the body is not depleted. For many people, a simple glass of sea salt water will eliminate headaches, blurry vision and muscle twitches almost immediately.

Anna C.

"Switching to the equilibrium diet was a gradual process at first, but now I eat no refined sugar and have been off wheat for almost 3 months. I had recurring rashes since grade school and shin splints the past few years because I started running competitively. Since completely flipping my lifestyle, I have not seen a single rash and most surprisingly, have cured my shin splints."  Anna C.

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