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Anyone can follow the Equilibrium Diet regardless of age. Infants benefit when their breastfeeding mamas eat according to the Equilibrium Diet because all of the foods their moms eat are properly digested.

Benefits to Infants of following the Equilibrium Diet for both mama and baby

1. Reduced/eliminated colic and reflux – Colic is always a digestive problem. Something has been introduced to the baby’s system that is too difficult to properly digest or digest at all. The biggest culprit behind colic is a breastfeeding mom eating wheat and dairy. (Note: eggs, particularly the whites, can be problematic for infants too but usually show up as eczema or cradle cap).

2. Longer and deeper sleep – Usually irregular sleeping patterns and/or a baby that doesn’t sleep through the night even at 9 months old is a digestive and absorption problem. Once again the biggest culprits are wheat and dairy. Wheat (even when consumed by the breastfeeding mother) may not be properly digested and will actually bind to other minerals like zinc in the digestive tract depleting the baby’s existing stores. Pasteurized dairy is not digested by the mother and is passed on to the baby who cannot digest it either – this can cause pain, gas, bloat and tearing of the intestinal tract.

3. Stronger Immune System – By avoiding proteins after 2pm, the liver is free to clean and repair all night long. This means less junk in your system which means more energy and a stronger immune system for everyone following the diet.

4. Less irritability/more peace – A baby and mama fed according to the Equilibrium Diet will have extremely stable and moderate blood sugar. This means no sugar cravings, no crash, no irritability and MORE peace for mama, baby and the family.

5. Reduced/eliminated teething pain and irritability - Teething pain is always an inflammation issue. If the body/baby has very little overall inflammation, teething will not be painful and the process will unfold smoothly with a little extra drool. Only when inflammation is already high in the body (usually because of other factors like dairy, wheat, sugar and chemicals) will the liver struggle to keep up which manifests as pain, irritability, fever and sweats.

Benefits to Children of following the Equilibrium Diet

1. Stable blood sugar and calmer moods – Avoiding all sugars but fruit means no sugar cravings, no carb cravings, no crash and no “sugar irritability”. Eliminating sugars also reduces total inflammation in the body which means a stronger immune system and fewer allergies, rashes, and asthma among others.

2. Reduced Inflammation which means fewer allergies, rashes and asthma

3. Stronger Immune System - By avoiding proteins after 2pm, the liver is free to clean and repair all night long. This means less junk in your system which means more energy and a stronger immune system for everyone following the diet.

4. Reduced toxic load on the body – The Equilibrium Diet allows for 12+ hours of uninterrupted detox by the liver every day. Not only does this boost the immune system but it naturally and gradually detoxes anything the body would like to get rid of including heavy metals, vaccines, and environmental toxins – this is wonderful for children with ADD, ADHD, autism, chronic fatigue, asthma, and allergies among others.

5. A healthy relationship with food – Children learn that food is both nourishing and healing – a source of life and abundance. Because all of the foods in the Equilibrium Diet are nourishing there are no restrictions and no portion controls. Children and adults can simply eat openly and freely trusting their stomachs to tell them when they are satisfied.

6. Less Snacking/Less Total Food Consumed – This means the body faces a lower overall digestive cost. The focus on nutrient dense whole foods means that you/children get MORE nutrients from LESS food consumed. This means you/children are satisfied and not craving more a few hours after a meal. A child with a strong nutritional background may only eat 3 meals a day even at the young age of 18 months. This is completely normal when nutrient dense REAL foods are consumed. A child who needs to “build” his nutritional stores may eat more for several months or for several years to “restock” himself.

Common Infant/Children Questions

Should infants drink raw milk? Mother’s breast milk is always best but if a substitute must be found, raw goats’ milk is the best alternative. Raw goats’ milk is far superior to pasteurized goats’ milk and is easier to digest than raw cows’ milk. Infant formulas and pasteurized cows’ milk are not nourishing foods. At best they are stomach-fillers, but usually they are toxic causing ear infections, acid reflux, and a weak immune system.

Raw milk for infants and toddlers should be mixed with brewer’s yeast, blackstrap molasses, and various essential fatty acids in the form of fresh oils. See www.drmercola.com for the best substitute for human breast milk.

My infant/child has a rash – could a food be causing it? It depends on the rash but if the rash is not from an external irritant like poison ivy, it is most likely coming from an internal irritant. The body is trying to push out the poison (undigested material) through the skin. The most common rashes are thrush or candida which can be completely cured by eliminating all sugars and wheat (remember that wheat hits the blood stream faster than table sugar for people who can actually digest it). All food related rashes can never be cured through treating only the skin – the irritant must be removed. Eczema and cradle cap are usually the manifestation of a wheat or egg allergy. A rash is also common during detox. If you have just begun the Equilibrium Diet, a detox rash is one way the body begins pushing toxins out. A soak in an Epsom salt bath or vitamin C bath can help draw the toxins out of the body through the skin. Plantain poultices and salves can also help draw out the poisons. Plantain is a wild edible herb that grows in most people’s yard and can be chewed and then applied to the skin to draw out poisons (great for mosquito bites, bee stings and even snake bites).

The doctor says my infant/child has a sinus infection – should I give her the prescription antibiotic? I always suggest really looking at the pros and cons of everything. In the case of an antibiotic, often people feel better only 24 hours sooner than just letting the bug run its course. Do your research on the particular illness and antibiotic treatment. A “sinus infection” means the body has excess inflammation which is usually coming from wheat, dairy or a combination of wheat and dairy. Usually simply eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar will completely clear the infection with the help of fresh garlic and ginger. There are also numerous other excellent herbal and homeopathic remedies that are equally/more effective than antibiotics and do not have ANY negative consequences. The biggest one in the case of an antibiotic is killing off all of your intestinal “good bacteria” as well as the “bad”.

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