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Overcoming Illness


Overcoming Illness

Illness will be present or forthcoming any time the liver is stressed. Inflammation, excess uric acid, skin rashes and lesions, blood problems (high/low blood pressure, high cholesterol), gallbladder and reproductive problems, to name a few, are all signs of a liver that can’t keep up with its daily toxic intake.

As soon as the burden on the liver is reduced, the symptoms stop getting worse. As soon as the burden is reduced enough so that the liver has time to go clean up “old messes”, illnesses begin to fade away. This naturally occurs in the Equilibrium Diet because the amount of toxins consumes drops dramatically. Furthermore, by avoiding proteins past 2pm, the liver is free to play and clean all night long!

For me this meant my hypoglycemia, fatigue and sugar cravings disappeared within days of adopting the Equilibrium Diet. My chronic fatigue, chronic yeast infections and heartburn were gone within weeks and my asthma, allergies, and eczema disappeared within the first 6-9 months. I had my first asthma attack at age 2 so these were not fleeting illnesses – asthma, allergies and eczema had been lifelong battles until I began the Equilibrium Diet.

For Lance, the Equilibrium Diet meant his gallbladder attacks disappeared within days and never came back. His 5+ year battle with prostatitis ended within months of the Equilibrium Diet and he hasn’t had any problems or pain since. The sinus infections he had experienced at least twice a year for his entire life never returned and his seasonal allergies completely disappeared. His chronic athlete’s foot and toenail fungus went away.

Once our livers were able to keep up with our daily toxic intake, we started to notice much more clearly and quickly how different foods made us feel.

If you adhere strictly to the Equilibrium Diet you will see dramatic results very quickly. In general, the longer you have lived with an illness (symptom of liver congestion), the longer it will take to work its way back out of your system. Hypoglycemia is perhaps the exception to this because it is almost entirely due to incorrect timing of food consumption (e.g. eating fruits, carbs and starches in the morning and before 2pm instead of after 2pm).

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