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Parasite & Colon Cleanses


Colon cleanses help rid the colon of impacted waste material. This increases nutrient absorption and the efficiency of the digestive system. The best colon cleanses are usually a blend of herbs and plant enzymes and some form of fiber. These can be purchased pre-mixed and ready to take in tablet form or one could buy the individual herbs and mix them. I recommend the former because it tends to be easier and cheaper unless the individual has a severe reaction to a particular herb used. Most people will not have a reaction to a mixture of herbs even if they are “intolerant” to one particular herb by itself.

Parasite Cleanses
With a juice fast that is low in fruit juices (natural sugars) any parasites and critters will naturally get killed off if you fast for long enough. If you really want to clean them out and/or think you may have some serious critters like liver flukes (very common from eating raw fish), you may want to recruit additional antiparasite herbs for support.
The major killers here are black walnut and wormwood. Clove, garlic, grapefruit seed extract, pau d’arco, and pumpkin seeds are also good. However, if you are allergic to walnuts, like me, you are usually out of luck when it comes to finding a premanufactured formula because black walnut is almost always the number one ingredient; it is that effective.
There are a few blends out there without it but they can be tough to find, so I usually end up putting together my own using wormwood, clove, garlic, pumpkin seed, pau d’arco, and an enzyme blend to cut through all of the stuff that dies off. The enzymes help the body digest all those dead critters.
All parasite cleanses are usually herbally based and aim to create a hostile environment for these resilient, toxin-eating critters. In general, once the toxins and sugar that provide the food to the parasites are eliminated, the parasites die off naturally. Herbal formulas aim to hasten the process.

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