Equilibrium Diet Symptom Relief – Equilibrium Diet

Symptom Relief


Do not take any over the counter or pharmaceutical drugs (this means no Tylenol or Advil). All synthetic drugs put extreme stress on the liver and other organs of detoxification.

1. Coffee Enemas This is absolutely the quickest, most efficient way to eliminate detox headaches and pains. Do as little as one each day or as many as one per hour.
2. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is great for overall toxin relief because it helps the liver deal with the pollutants more effectively. It is actually a precursor amino acid for the powerful antioxidant glutathione. This is great for detox headaches and body pains.
3. Milk thistle can be good to help protect the liver and minimize symptoms.
4. Powdered Vitamin C is wonderful for all detox symptoms because vitamin C neutralizes several major toxins in the body that will be eliminated during the fast.
5. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is great for anything that feels like allergies (runny nose, congestion, hives) and also joint pains to some extent. MSM is a natural source of sulfur and I like to make sure any I buy is from an organic food source and not the petroleum industry.
6. Green tea can be good for headaches and detox from heavy metals.
7. Chlorella and spirulina are blue-green algae that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Both are excellent toxin-neutralizers and provide bioavailable protein during a fast.
8. Fiber mixed with bentonite clay. Apple pectin tablets scrub the colon. The apple fiber or other fiber source can be combined with bentonite clay or hydrated bentonite clay, which absorbs toxins out of the small/large intestine and helps minimize detox symptoms. Note: Anything consumed within ninety minutes of the bentonite clay will be absorbed by it, so be sure to save its absorption powers for your toxic colon and not any healthy foods or juices along the way.


Helpful Herbs to Boost the Effects of Cleansing and Fasting
1. Burdock root and red clover are powerful blood builders and help to purify the blood.
2. Nettles, oat straw, comfrey, and red raspberry leaf (for women) are nourishing herbs and provide loads of trace minerals and overall body tonification. Drink all of these (and red clover, above) as infusions.
3. Astragalus and cat’s claw are great for the immune system and extra immune support. Note: You should not take astragalus if a fever is present.
4. Use Gotu Kola, ginseng, and milky oats for brain support (these will also help minimize detox “brain fog”).
5. Poke root is a powerful antibiotic and lymphatic cleanser, so powerful that usually one to three drops (not dropper full but single drops) is equivalent to one antibiotic pill. Poke, burdock, and red clover are used in combination in many herbal cancer remedies. Poke is mildly toxic and when taken in excess can create a sort of out-of-body experience, nausea, and vomiting. You can vibrationally test yourself to find out exactly how much your body needs without risking any side effects or toxicity.

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