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Weight Loss


Weight loss is not the goal of the Equilibrium Diet but it is a natural by-product. As the body and liver become more and more efficient, each person’s mass approaches his/her long-run personal equilibrium weight and muscle mass. The weight at which his/her body operates that requires the least physical maintenance and sustenance given his/her daily average energy needs. For instance, someone performing manual labor for 8 hours a day will require more muscle mass than someone who works at a computer screen all day.

The liver stores what it doesn’t have time to process: neutralize and eliminate. Many toxins are fat soluble which means the liver stores the toxins in the fat molecule it rolled in on or on another fat molecule the liver picks up. In general, the more fat soluble toxins you cannot eliminate the more fat you will have. Trans fats are an enormous category of fat-soluble toxins. They are essentially rancid fats – fats with serrated cell walls that cut tiny holes in your arteries and blood vessels. The body, in an attempt to patch up these small lacerations sends out cholesterol to smooth over the cut tissue.

What happens when you eliminate and replace the trans fats with good fats (saturated or unsaturated)? Cholesterol goes down and the liver begins to eliminate all those rancid fat molecules – i.e. you lose weight. When the liver isn’t congested with more toxins than it can handle, it doesn’t need to store anything to “work on later”. This is the best and easiest kind of weight loss because your body is going at its own pace! There is no restricting yourself from nutrients or portion controls, there is no “dieting headache” or fatigue - though you may have a bit of those from detox which can be minimized with herbs and coffee enemas. Excess weight and sizes naturally melts away when your body starts trusting that it will get more great nutrients than it can handle every day.

I lost two clothing sizes within weeks on the Equilibrium Diet but I lost very little weight initially. Over the entire first year I lost 3 clothing sizes and 10 lbs. Lance lost a lot of weight initially but lost additional clothing sizes in later months. Over the first year Lance lost about 20 lbs. and 2 clothing sizes and would drop an additional 2 clothing sizes over the next several years. The biggest difference between when Lance and I each hit our equilibrium weight and size plateaus is probably largely due to the number of fasting days each of us did and the level of strictness we adhered to the Equilibrium Diet. The first year, I fasted a total of 16 days whereas Lance fasted 5. And I adhered to the diet flawlessly whereas Lance was inadvertently exposed to more food toxins through eating out a lot for work. See the before and after pictures below.

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