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People always comment "But it's so expensive to eat healthy." Our bodies are the most important ASSET we have. Would you buy a Lamborghini and then fill it with ethanol-laden cheap gas and forgo maintenance? Would you buy a beautiful home and not buy "expensive" homeowner's insurance? Would you hire the best NFL quarterback for your team and not cover your blindside? Of course not! Yet for years people have been telling themselves that they shouldn't protect and value their most vital asset because it's "expensive".

If you finding yourself saying this or thinking this, it's time to stop lying to yourself. YOU, your #1 asset, IS WORTH high quality, nutrient dense food!

Secondly, eating nutrient dense foods and according the Equilibrium Diet is really not that expensive for several reasons!

1. When you eat nutrient dense foods at the appropriate times, you desire less food overall! This means you eat 2-3 meals instead of 3 meals and 2 snacks and you are completely satiated.
2. You eat out much less and you consume fewer processed foods - both groups are relatively expensive.
3. The longer you follow the Equilibrium Diet and then your body's instincts, the more efficient your body becomes and the less stress and disease you will carry. This is a long run investment in YOU and your health, happiness and quality of life. If you think anything else could be more important, the juice fast and emotional detox are screaming for you to try them!

Should infants drink raw milk?
Mother’s breast milk is always best but if a substitute must be found, raw goats’ milk is the best alternative. Raw goats’ milk is far superior to pasteurized goats’ milk and is easier to digest than raw cows’ milk. Infant formulas and pasteurized cows’ milk are not nourishing foods. At best they are stomach-fillers, but usually they are toxic causing ear infections, acid reflux, and a weak immune system.
Raw milk for infants and toddlers should be mixed with brewer’s yeast, blackstrap molasses, and various essential fatty acids in the form of fresh oils. See www.drmercola.com for the best substitute for human breast milk.

How expensive is it to eat according to the Equilibrium Diet and 100% organic?
Eating organic and healthy foods does not have to be expensive; it just requires planning.

I began the 90-day program and the temptation was too much for my favorite sweet treat and I ate it. What should I do? The important thing to ask yourself in this moment is, “Why do I desire this sugary food?” This will always be for one of two reasons: 1. Low protein or 2. A painful emotion is about to surface and you are attempting to block it. I distinguish the two between a craving and a desire. When we haven’t had enough protein early in the day, we may get a strong urge for something sweet. This is the body sending the signal that it needs energy in the form of glucose. In this case, try to eat an extra ten grams of protein the next morning. In the meantime, try drinking a tall glass of raw goats’ milk because the body can use this protein at virtually no cost.

Another method that can help minimize the urge to eat fast foods or sweets is to know where you can find the healthy version or have a healthy version at home. Whole Foods sells dairy-free and sugar-free all-natural ice cream and some gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free cookies. Know where to find them if you need them; you can also bake your own and freeze them.

What about portion sizes? How much of each food should I eat?
There are absolutely NO restrictions on portion sizes. You can eat as much as you want of anything in the Equilibrium Diet as long as it is at the proper time of day—proteins before 2:00 p.m. and fruits after 2:00. Initially, you may feel like you are eating a ton of food, and you probably are; this is great. You are eating a lot because your body has been so nutrient deprived that now it is so happy to finally be getting fed. After the first couple months your desire for food may plummet; this is perfectly normal when the body swings away from its building cycle and towards a cleansing cycle.
Above all, listen to your body. After 90 days on the Equilibrium Diet, you will know exactly what your body wants and does not want.

Do the fasting days in the program need to be done consecutively or can I fast one day a week for ten weeks?
For the initial juice fast, I recommend a consecutive fast for at least three days and preferably seven to ten days. The first twenty-four hours of a fast are the hardest because the liver is still wondering about food and digestion. Then the liver goes into cleaning mode. Fasting experts will say that a three-day fast cleanses the colon; a five-day fast cleanses the blood; and a seven- to ten-day fast builds the immune system. The goal is to get as much toxic material out as quickly as possible so you immediately feel better and provide a clean break with your old lifestyle.

I am a vegetarian. Should I try to eat organ meats?
This is up to you. If you are nutritionally depleted, organ meats are one of the easiest ways to build your foundation of health. However, for those who are vegetarians because they cringe at the idea of taking an animal’s life, organ meats will not integrate well with their emotional and mental bodies. If possible, focus on raw dairy products, seaweeds and algae, and raw juices.

I really don’t like to exercise. Is the exercise component mandatory?
Nothing is ever mandatory. The exercise programs listed are low impact and chosen to help keep your passages for elimination open and flowing. Do what you can and what feels good for the first ninety days; after that if you do not want to exercise, don’t!

I am thinking about trying the 90-day program. Are you sure it will work if I try it?
Yes. When you combine high quality inputs (foods) with the most efficient processes (proteins before 2pm), you get one "well oiled machine"!

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