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Organ Meat Info


Organ Meats If you are new to organ meats, or they make you a bit queasy, start with a little bit and work your way up. I started with hamburgers and meatloaf using 1 pound of organ meats and 3 pounds of ground chuck.

The 1:3 ratio makes it virtually impossible for anyone to notice; if anything, maybe those with sensitive palettes think it is bison instead of beef. I find that some people are initially put-off by the idea of organ meats when they first hear about it but then a few minutes later they start to say, “It sounds interesting, I’d kind of like to just try it and see what organ meats are like when blended with hamburger meat.” And for the few who can taste the difference, they don’t mind it or even “like it better”.

Most of the recipes call for raw apple cider vinegar and coconut flour. The former helps “tone down” the flavor of the organ meats and the latter helps absorb some of the excess moisture and mushiness. If you prefer a more tender dish, slightly reduce the amount of coconut flour used until you reach the desired consistency.

The easiest ways to incorporate organ meats are listed below:
       1. Have your organic grocer grind and mix the liver, heart and kidneys and package them in 1 pound packages to use immediately or save in the freezer.
       2. If you would like to add small amount to soups or stews, mold the ground meat into a 2 inch log and freeze to grate into soups later – wrap in parchment paper and place in ziplock bag or other storage container. Or freeze in ice cube container to be shredded later.

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