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The Equilibrium Diet was gradually created by Katie Player between September 2010 and June 2013. Katie is a Ph.D. economist and professor and in the summer of 2010, her husband, Lance, suddenly became very sick. Katie and Lance were very standard Americans, eating processed foods, refined sugar and wheat, fast food and drinking beer with friends. Over the coming weeks, medical doctors struggled to figure out what was wrong with Lance.

Desperate for solutions, Katie began doing her own research, asking her own questions and applying basic economic principles. These were not the questions of a medical doctor or a nutritionist – they were the questions of a common sense economist. Why are we sick of being sick all the time? What is true health and who are the healthiest people in the world and throughout history? What and how did/do these healthy people eat?

What Katie discovered in answering these questions went against what most “experts” would tell you. The discoveries or “rediscoveries” chartered a new path to extreme mental and physical vitality. Within 90 days, Katie had overcome chronic fatigue, chronic yeast infections, and asthma. Lance’s gallbladder problems, chronic athlete’s foot and prostatitis disappeared. They both had more energy than they had their entire lives. Within 6 months they had overcome Stage 4 Candida overgrowth, seasonal allergies and sinusitis. One year after their dietary changes, Katie and Lance had overcome every physical ailment they had ever had and were happier, less angry and more at peace than they had ever been. Katie shares her journey in her first book, Atheist to Enlightened in 90 Days: Featuring the Equilibrium Diet.

The Equilibrium Diet is the synthesis of 4 years of virtually nonstop holistic health and detox research and trial and error. It is a flexible and efficient diet that minimizes the energy and work the body must expend in daily life – this means more energy, faster recoveries, healing, weight loss and health – physical, mental and emotional vitality.


July 2010

Lance Gets Sick

August 2010

Parasite Cleanse Juice Fast Dietary Changes

September 2010

Heavy Metal Cleanse

October 2010

Liver Flush

December 2010

Liver Flush

January 2011

Liver Flush Begin Anti-candida herbs

March 2011

Eliminate Wheat

June 2011

Eliminate Tap Water

August 2010

Parasite Cleanse Juice Fast Dietary Changes

August 2011

Switch to 100% natural soaps & cleaning products Notice sickness from microwaved foods - throw out microwave

January 2012

Switch to 100% natural plant-based make-up

April 2012

Eliminate all dairy except butter and ghee

June 2013

Begin eating organ meats & raw goats' milk

July 2013

Colon Cleanse


Anna C.

"Switching to the equilibrium diet was a gradual process at first, but now I eat no refined sugar and have been off wheat for almost 3 months. I had recurring rashes since grade school and shin splints the past few years because I started running competitively. Since completely flipping my lifestyle, I have not seen a single rash and most surprisingly, have cured my shin splints."  Anna C.

Stan S.

"I was skeptical of the Equilibrium Diet at first but I have found many benefits since I started following it. I immediately noticed that I wasn’t hungry at about 10 AM and that I could go to 1 PM without snacking before lunch. Previously, I would be hungry and would usually snack on almonds after my breakfast, which usually consisted of oatmeal and fruit. Now, I am able to skip eating the treats such as donuts, which my coworkers bring into work to share. Before going on the Equilibrium Diet, I always felt tired after lunch and assumed that my biorhythm was at a natural low for the day. Now, my energy level is sustained throughout the day. Unfortunately, I don’t find myself following asleep during boring afternoon meetings anymore. I used to drink a beer with supper after a long day at work. I’m eating oatmeal and fruit for supper, now, and beer and oatmeal aren’t a natural combination. Thus, I only occasionally drink a beer. Since I have been brewing beer for years, this drop in my beer consumption is a major lifestyle change. I’ve ordered a “scoby”, and I will be brewing kombucha instead beer. I never have been overweight, but on the Equilibrium Diet I have lost a few pounds of belly fat." - Stan S. (age 62, 5'9" and 140 pounds)

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